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Year 6

Y6 had their first violin lesson today. We’re all hoping that they pick it up and get good very quickly!

As well as learning about WW2, Y6 have used the outdoors for measuring and converting measurements from cm to metres and km and for measuring the radius, diameter and circumference of circles. We also wrote Nature Number Poems during Outdoor Learning Week after looking for items around the school grounds and published our poetry on the yard as well as using Hwb. We have tried to go outside for PE as much as possible, but when the Welsh weather got the better of us, we did circuit training and Dodgeball in the hall. Our competitive nature meant that we really enjoyed the Welsh timed reading aloud challenge and of course we wore our fabulous personalised Leavers hoodies for all of these activities. Thanks mums and dads for organising this.

Y6 have been very busy learning about WW2 and the class had wonderful ideas about what they wanted to find out more about in our EPIC planning sessions. (Everybody Planning in Class) As part of Outdoor Learning Week they played games that children in the 1930s and 1940s would have played – Red Light, Green Light and Hopscotch – and also took advantage of the sunny weather and our beautiful Dingly Dell to share the WW2 stories that they had written. The children produced some fabulous artwork including pencil sketches of WW2 key figures and Blitz silhouette art. They used Publisher to create WW2 Top Trumps cards and Flipgrid to record and share their evacuee poems. Y6 worked very carefully to follow instructions to measure, cut, score and join nets to make gas mask boxes and designed and made a variety of air raid shelters.

To find out more about your child’s learning this term, please click on the icon below. Children in all classes have been encouraged to share their ideas about interesting things they’d like to learn about.

Summer Term 2021


Year 6 wanted to continue their WW2 topic (Bombs, Blitz and Blackouts) for another half term as lockdown meant that we couldn’t undertake all the activities that we wanted to do. We will complete a short topic on The Olympics – ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’ in the last half term of this year.

There will be a range of skills covered across the curriculum through both these themes and plenty of opportunities for individual, paired and group work as well as for practical and creative tasks.

We will be studying war poetry and composing our own pieces using emotive and figurative language such as personification, metaphors and similes and we will be writing our own stories after reading several books as stimuli. For both topics there will be the opportunity to write chronological reports and biographies of well-known people.

Both topics will also provide the opportunity to look at world geography: locating and investigating the countries that send athletes to the Olympics and those areas that were under German occupation during the war. Children will compare and contrast different countries in 2021 and compare the features of 1940s life in Wales and life now.

The effect of diet and lifestyle will also be considered; during wartime and rationing as well as the restrictions that athletes place upon themselves. We are hoping to grow some of the ingredients required to make some typical WW2 recipes and, if successful, part of our work on enterprise will be to market and sell this product!

There will be a Welsh element to both topics as we research the Swansea Blitz of 1941 and find out about Welsh athletes now and in the past.

As part of our whole school work to achieve the Eco Schools award, Year 6 will be looking at minimising waste in school, at home and in the community.


Welcome to Year 6. Our theme this term is: World War 2. Through our topic, we are learning about the lives of people during this period, with a particular focus upon the lives of children in Wales and other parts of Europe. During our residential visit in February, we will be staying on a farm in Brecon, where Jewish refugees were offered sanctuary. 

We have had a busy start to the year, with a visit from the Urdd, which allowed use to try Welsh dancing and use Welsh to problem solve. Cawson ni hwyl a sbri!

     In addition, a visit from Cafod allowed us to learn more about the plight of refugees so that we could become better informed and have empathy.

Dydd Gwyl Dewi

A great few days learning about road safety and riding our bikes, we learnt a lot and enjoyed.

Bikeability cycle training

Residential visit to Abernant, Brecon. Manor Adventure.

Cafod workshop to help us understand the plight of refugees.

What a wonderful experience! On 29th January 2020,Year 6 went to watch the Lion King being performed at the Lyceum Theatre in the West End. An experience to remember- a great day!

Working outdoors

Visit To Gower Heritage Centre to learn about where our food comes from

Cae Tan project: from seed to plate.

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