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St Illtyd's Curriculum for Wales 



Curriculum design is an ongoing process of continuing improvement.  At St Illtyd’s Primary School, we recognise that we have both mandatory and statutory duties.  


The Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Act 2021 puts mandatory duties on schools - things they are legally required to do.  Schools must also have ‘due regard’ to statutory guidance when carrying out their duties.


The headteacher and the Governing Body have jointly adopted our curriculum and assessment procedures.  It is continually kept under review through the school's self-evaluation processes. 


Practitioners, learners, parents, carers and the wider community are consulted with regularly.  Curriculum design is constantly reviewed in light of feedback from these stakeholder. eg  Questionnaires, Pupil Voice Groups, Curriculum Design days.  

A Purpose driven Curriculum 

Our Curriculum is designed to allow every learner to aspire to the four purposes.  Every pupil, no matter their age, is suitably planned for.  We take into account every pupil's ability and aptitude, including any additional learning needs.  We understand that their is a progressive continuum of dispositions to support the development of integral skills across the school.  These underpin the four purposes which lie at the heart of our curriculum. 



Critical thinking and problem solving 
Planning and organisation
Creativity and innovation 
Personal effectiveness 


Learning and experiences 

Across all areas of Learning experiences (AoLEs), the application of numeracy, literacy and digital competency is robustly planned for. Teachers are expected to plan and deliver learning objectives pitched appropriately to the learners' needs.  Lessons have success criteria to ensure the learners are aware of the particular skills they are looking to develop within that lesson. In addition to literacy, numeracy and digital competence, teachers plan for incidental welsh and opportunities to address relationships and sexuality education in line with the new CfW.


Our curriculum also incorporates, where appropriate, opportunities for learning and consideration of cross-cutting elements. These  allow learners to:

  • consider local, national and international contexts
  • develop understanding of relationships and sexuality education
  • recognise, understand and promote human rights and diversity
  • identify with careers and work-related experiences


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